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My name is Ro Huntriss. I’m a Registered Dietitian with over 10 years of experience and I am a specialist in fertility nutrition.

I’m delighted that you’re here as it is likely to mean that you share my passion in this wonderful and powerful field of fertility nutrition.

A fertility journey can be an incredibly emotive one. Some things are within one’s control, while other things aren’t. However, the good news is that diet and lifestyle choices can have a significant effect on several aspects of the fertility journey for men and women.

There is a wealth of misinformation regarding fertility nutrition. That is why, as trusted healthcare professionals, people need our help.


Introducing Fertility Nutrition Course for Healthcare Professionals by Fertility Dietitian UK

The Fertility Nutrition Course for Healthcare Professionals by Fertility Dietitian UK culminates years of research and clinical practice to bring you the latest evidence-based information in the field of fertility nutrition. The course consists of pre-recorded modules giving you the luxury of being able to participate in your own time. No time off work or live attendance required!

There is no time limit for completion of the course; you will retain access for the lifetime of the course meaning you can start or come back to it at any time. You will be able to access updates to the course at no extra cost. You have access to all of the lessons, plus additional reading, you can download all of the presentation slides and you have access to a list of over 300 references. Upon completion you can request a certificate of completion of the Fertility Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals course.

So what does the Fertility Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals course involve?

Each module has several lessons so that the information is broken down into easily digestible chunks. Let me take you through the modules!


Fertility Basics

First we will go through some fertility basics including the fertile window, the different types of fertility treatment available as well as factors that can influence fertility. 

Module 1

Dietary Patterns for Fertility

Here we will cover the evidence for dietary patterns that support fertility. We will take a deep dive into each of the main dietary elements; fruit and veg, carbohydrates and whole grains, protein, fats, milk and dairy. 

Module 2

Nutrients for Fertility

In this module we discuss the naturally occurring nutrients found in food, also included is the evidence to show how they support fertility outcomes for both men and/or women. We cover antioxidants, folate, selenium, zinc, iron, iodine, choline, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6. 

Module 3


Fertility supplements can be a minefield. Here we showcase the evidence to support supplement recommendations for those who are trying to conceive. You will learn what supplements have a strong evidence base behind them, for both men and women, as well as in which scenarios certain supplements can support fertility outcomes. 

Module 4


Nutrition is just one piece of the fertility puzzle which is why it is incredibly important that other modifiable risk factors are also considered. This module covers topics such as sleep, stress, caffeine, physical activity, alcohol, environmental toxins and medications and their impacts on fertility.

Module 5

Body Weight

Body weight at both end of the spectrum can impact fertility. This module showcases the research behind BMI recommendations for fertility as well as IVF, what they are and why. It also guides you through supporting clients with healthy weight gain and weight loss for fertility.

Module 6

Managing Specific Scenarios

This module takes you through how to support clients with specific needs. It pulls together the evidence for how to support clients within the following contexts; unexplained infertility, improving egg quality, supporting successful implantation, managing low ovarian reserve, preparing for IVF, sustaining a healthy pregnancy, managing PCOS and endometriosis as well as supporting male fertility and specific sperm parameters.



Full Course Access

  • *Option to pay in 3 installments* at no extra cost! For UK customers – just opt to pay by PayPal and choose the pay in 3 option when you reach the checkout; for international students, see FAQs
  • Access to all online course materials
  • Access to all the slides to download and keep
  • A list of 300+ academic references to keep
  • Lifetime Access!
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"Cannot recommend enough!"

“I really enjoyed this fertility nutrition training. It is set out clearly and simply which has made it much easier to learn. It’s also great that you can review and download all information. Some really great information and a massive collection of references that can be reviewed also.

Ro has also been very helpful with any questions.

Cannot recommend enough!”

Evelyn Kennedy, Registered Dietitian 

"I loved the course with very easy to follow PowerPoint slides and a wealth of references to back it all up."

“I loved the course with very easy to follow PowerPoint slides and a wealth of references to back it all up.

Studying for this course was great for consolidating my knowledge, particularly on PCOS and increasing my confidence. I work in weight management so hoping to utilise my new found knowledge in supporting individuals with sub fertility which is one of our priority referral criteria.”

Marie Bird, Registered Dietitian

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt so much."

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt so much. It was great to be able to do it in my own time, around work and family life. I did this over several weeks. I love the fact I can go back whenever, to refresh knowledge and understanding too.

It was really useful to have this knowledge in my tool kit recently, as I had a nutrition support patient who was wanting to be eligible for IVF in general clinic. It was great to be able to flick back and pick key points out to shape the advice and intervention. Thank you for all the amazing work you have done, and continue to do in this area, and for making it available.”

Gemma Rix, Registered Dietitian

"I absolutely loved this fertility course. From start to finish"

“I absolutely loved this fertility course. From start to finish it was well laid out, easy to understand and has a great evidence base.

I am now fertility bonkers and can’t wait to get stuck in with helping clients to reach their fertility goals!”

Cristy Dean, Registered Dietitian

"The Fertility Nutrition Course fully met and exceeded my expectations."

“The Fertility Nutrition Course by Fertility Dietitian UK fully met and exceeded my expectations. I now feel confident in my ability to work with clients through their fertility journey and I am excited to get started. What I really enjoyed about this course was that everything was divided into very clear modules and lessons. Whenever I wish to refresh my knowledge in a certain area I can easily access the relevant information. I am also delighted to have lifelong access to this course and all the references to the research papers and studies. This will be invaluable moving forward as no client is the same and everyone’s fertility journey can be so different. Working in private practice in particular I also find having organised information and resources extremely time-saving! Thank you Ro for putting so much work into the course.”

Maria Lucey, Registered Dietitian 

"This course has exceeded my expectations."

“A well structured course providing the latest evidence of how changes in diet and lifestyle (including measures that may inhibit) can improve fertility and help clients create healthy long-term habits.

The course goes into great detail enabling you to provide sound nutrition advice to clients considering dietary patterns, specific nutrients, supplements, lifestyle and weight recommendations required to help those clients who are trying to conceive naturally or by assisted reproductive techniques (ART).

Each module consists of various sections which makes it easy to dip in and out to complete in your own time. The slides are clear, concise and superbly supported with relevant research and guidelines. The final module pulls all the information together to apply and support clients (individually or couple) in various clinical scenarios which will be extremely useful.

I really enjoyed this course and managed to complete it alongside my busy day job. I wanted to challenge myself, by adding something new to my existing practice, enabling me to broaden my client base. This course has exceeded my expectations. Ro was always so attentive, helpful, supportive and prompt in responding to questions, even at times when you would least expect a response.”

Lisa Rowlands, Registered Dietitian

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How do I get my certificate?

To receive your certificate of completion, you must have completed all lessons and modules. When all modules have been completed, please email to request your certificate. Your completion will then be verified and you will then be sent a PDF for your records.

Who can sign up for the course?

Any healthcare professional may sign up to the course including dietitians, nutritionists, doctors, nurses and midwives. To enrol you are expected to have a good foundation knowledge of nutrition principles. However, in applying the course material to your clinical practice, you must stay within your scope of practice at all times.

Is the course suitable for students?

Students are welcome to enrol onto the course. However, what you learn should only be applied in practice only when you have the competencies to do so. You should stay within your scope.

Does this count towards CPD?

Yes! The course has been endorsed for CPD by both the British Dietetic Association and the Association for Nutrition! We also keep the course up-to-date at no extra cost! You will see an Updates folder within the course materials which will contain the latest and most important updates so that you can keep up with the latest findings and recommendations within the field.

How long do I have to complete the course?

There are no plans to take away access to the course. As things stand, you will have lifetime access to the course (in the context of the lifetime of the course itself). If the course is to be closed at any time, you will be given at least one month's prior warning.

Is this course good value for money?

ABSOLUTELY! The value of this course is actually much higher than the listed price. The reason for keeping the cost down, and lower than other fertility nutrition courses, is to increase accessibility and not to price people out. Years of research and practice has gone into creating the material for this course, so this price is a steal. Using the PayPal pay in 3 option for UK residents is a great way to spread costs at no extra cost.

Will there be an affiliate scheme?

Yes! We offer an affiliate scheme so that you can earn £100 for every person that you refer to the course. This means, that some people may end up doing the course for free! The details on how to sign up to be an affiliate are within the course materials.

I am not from the UK but would like the option to pay in instalments – what are the options?

Currently PayPal only offers Pay in 3 for UK customers. If you are international and would like a payment plan option, please email who will be able to send you details for how to pay in 3 monthly instalments.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the product, and the transparency about the contents of the course, refunds are not available.