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The Fertility Nutrition Clinic

The home of expert fertility nutritionists and dietitians

Looking for a fertility nutritionist? You are in the right place!

Welcome to our virtual fertility nutrition clinic led by Specialist Fertility Dietitians and Nutritionists.

Initial consultations with a fertility nutritionist include a pre-consultation survey, a 60 minute appointment (90 minutes for couples) covering a review of diet, supplements and lifestyle, followed by a written report and follow-up email support.

121 VIP Package

Pre-consultation assessment | 60 minute video consultation | Report | Email follow-up support


Couples VIP Package

Pre-consultation assessment | 90 minute video consultation | Report | Email follow-up support


Follow Up Consultation

45 minute appointment via telephone or video | Email follow-up support


Package of 4 consultations

4 x video consultations of up to 60 minutes | Email support


Frequently asked questions

We know that a fertility journey can be a challenging one. There is so much information to wade through. It it difficult to know what information to trust and which bits of advice are relevant for you. Talk with a trusted expert to have have your questions reliably answered. Arm yourself with the knowledge, advice and reassurance that you need. The Fertility Nutrition Clinic offers private, one-to-one consultations with Claire Attwood, our Lead Fertility Nutritionist. A one-to-one consultation discusses all aspects of diet, lifestyle and supplements in relation to your personal situation. We identify areas of focus, so that we can optimally support your fertility-related goals. You will leave the consultation with a personal action plan and advice tailored to your goals. This includes areas of focus to support optimal outcomes on your fertility journey.

How does it work?

Our 1-2-1 consultations take place privately via video call. Upon booking you are sent a private calendar invite between yourself and Claire. Appointments can be booked at a time convenient for you. Weekend and evening availability is offered as well as during weekdays. Before your appointment, we kindly ask that you fill in a pre-consultation form. This will help us to gain further information about you, your fertility history, your goals, and your current diet/lifestyle. Having this background information helps us identify areas where you may benefit from particular support and helps us get the most out of the consultation. The consultation allows you to share your fertility-related goals, ask any specific questions you have and talk in more detail about the areas in which you may benefit from particular support. We use this information along with your diet and lifestyle history to provide you with evidence-based recommendations and advice in the areas of nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle. Recommendations are tailored to your situation to support the most positive outcome for you in a way that works for you. After the consultation, a comprehensive report of everything discussed, along with your personalised recommendations and advice plan is sent to you via email.

What areas of fertility are you able to support?

Nutrition and lifestyle are important pieces of the fertility puzzle. Personal support can help you pinpoint areas in which you can make meaningful changes to support your chances of conception whatever your situation. Please note, the below is not an exhaustive list, please do get in touch with us to discuss any other areas you need support with. Trying to conceive naturally; Fertility friendly weight gain; Fertility friendly weight loss; Male fertility; Egg quality; IVF preparation; Implantation and the two-week wait; Trying to conceive at an older age; PCOS or PCOS-like symptoms

How many appointments will I need?

This will depend on you, your goals, the topics you want to cover, and whether you feel ongoing support would be useful. Some people have just one appointment, and other people prefer to buy a block of appointments, it really is personal preference. If you are unsure, just drop us a message and we can help to guide you.

Will I get a meal plan as part of the consultation?

Personalised meal plans are not provided as part of this service. However, you will receive a personalised action plan which will summarise the advice provided in the consultation and will highlight the changes that have been advised. We have several meal plans and guides. These are available at 50% of the retail value for those who book a consultation. Just drop us a message if you have any questions, or alternatively, we can discuss the options during the consultation.