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Online Courses

Welcome to our Online Courses

All of the content in our online courses has been specifically designed and created by our team of nutrition professionals, using the latest scientific research, to help you navigate and apply evidence based diet, lifestyle and supplement advice to support your fertility outcomes. Whether you are trying to conceive now or you are preparing for conception in the future, for IVF or for egg freezing, we have an option for you.

Discover our evidence-based information

Our courses are meticulously crafted by registered healthcare professionals with a wealth of experience in fertility care. Empower yourself with insights grounded in scientific evidence, carefully curated to provide you with the tools and understanding you need to navigate your fertility path confidently

Are you wishing to conceive in the future but the time is not yet quite right for you? Find out how with Fuel your Future Fertility

Inform, nourish and strengthen your future fertility

Diet, supplements and lifestyle can enhance reproductive health. Discover what you can do to increase the quality of your eggs, improve ovarian reserve markers and enhance your chances of a successful conception in the future.

Whether you go on to conceive naturally or through fertility treatments, Fuel your Future Fertility can help you to:

  • Understand the links between age and fertility and, critically, when you may need to start making decisions
  • Find out what tests are available to assess your ovarian reserve and understand which tests you should take. Learn  why they are important and how they can help inform your decision making process.
  • Access ovarian reserve testing at a much lower cost than in fertility clinics
  • Learn how to create a fertility-supporting dietary pattern and how tailored nutritional strategies support ovarian reserve markers and egg quality
  • Determine what supplements can make a big difference, find out who they may benefit and when to start taking them
  • Understand what lifestyle elements can impact ovarian reserve and egg quality. Understand what you can do to support your fertility now and in the future
  • Learn about the egg freezing process, the decisions involved & how to know if it is suitable for you. Find out how to prepare for optimal outcomes. Create an optimal diet for egg freezing and learn how to find a suitable clinic

Do you wish to optimise your chances of conceiving now? Find out how with Fertility Food Formula

Fertility Food Formula is a completely unique 4 module programme, designed especially for couples trying to conceive now – wherever you are on your journey

This 4 module online course will give you:

  • A deep dive into dietary patterns how they can support fertility and specific recommendations for fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates and whole grains, protein, milk and dairy alternatives, and fats
  • Learn about the naturally occurring nutrients found in food that have a strong evidence base to show that they are beneficial for fertility in men and/or women
  • Create a fertility-supporting lifestyle.
  • While not everyone may need to make changes to their weight, we delve into fertility-friendly weight management. for those who may require support.
  • We have a solutions corner which gathered the latest evidence on key questions and issues that arise among our clients. We cover egg quality, ovarian reserve, implantation, IVF and other fertility treatments, miscarriage, unexplained infertility, supporting ovulation, PCOS, endometriosis, and, male fertility