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With Impactful, Science-Backed Fertility Nutrition Advice

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Ro Huntriss Fertility Dietitian and Fertility Nutritionist

My name is Ro,

I’m the founder of Fertility Dietitian UK. Take a look around & get in touch if you have any questions

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The Incredible Power of Nutrition for Your Fertility Journey

Diet and lifestyle are hugely important pieces of the fertility puzzle – for both men and women.

Whether you’re just starting out on your fertility journey or whether you feel like you’ve tried everything – Fertility Dietitian UK is your place.

Through our Fertility Food Formula Course, meal plans & guidesexpert consultations and our blog, we serve you up the best, most up-to-date advice on nutrition and lifestyle to help you reach your healthy conception.

(Even if you’re struggling with issues like poor egg or sperm quality, PCOS, endometriosis, irregular periods or baby loss...and regardless of whether you’re TTC naturally or through IVF or other assisted technologies, or you’re worried that time is running out.)

Wherever you’re at, we’ve got you. 

And we’re ready to help you complete your puzzle – for that healthy pregnancy you deserve.


“Ro is my 'go to' when I'm in need of accurate, trustworthy and evidence based knowledge on all things fertility nutrition.”

Kate Davies, Specialist Fertility Nurse

Science-Backed Fertility Nutrition Advice That Makes a Difference – How We Help

Trying to conceive can be a stressful and anxious time for some.


We get that. 


The internet is flooded with fertility information (some of which is completely wrong).


It can be so hard to understand exactly what you need to do to optimise your nutrition.


Which foods should you eat? What should you really avoid? Which nutrients are important, what supplements should you take to boost your chances of fertility success?


There are so many questions!


At Fertility Dietitian UK, we’re here to let you know that making positive changes to your diet and lifestyle can have a huge influence on the outcome of your journey…


And better still, it’s something that you are in control of.


Whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or with the support of fertility treatments, we’re here to help you.


We’ve had countless numbers of success stories from making changes to diet, lifestyle and supplements, and we don’t want to stop there. 


We’re determined to support as many hopeful couples as we can.


Come and explore exactly how.

Fertility Nutrition Meal Plans icon
Put together by Dietitians (and backed by the latest fertility nutrition science!) our tailored guides and meal plans give you the specific info you need to make the right changes – at the right time – for your situation. We cover egg quality, sperm health, PCOS and more.
Fertility Food Formula icon - Online Fertility Nutrition Course
If you’re ready to take control of your diet and lifestyle (to optimise your fertility and give you the very best chance of pregnancy success, no matter what your situation) we’d love to invite you onto our flagship course. It’s online, it’s self-paced – and you can start straight away! We’ve got all of your fertility nutrition and lifestyle questions covered.
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If you’re looking for 1:1 support, we offer private consultations and dietary advice with one of our Specialist Fertility Dietitians and Nutritionists. We help women, men and couples in our virtual clinic. We’d love to chat.
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Explore the Blog! Fertility Nutrition Advice From Fertility Dietitian UK Fancy a browse through our free expert advice on the issues that may be troubling you? We use the latest scientific evidence to put together our fantastic blog.

Hi, I’m Ro Huntriss – Award-Winning Fertility Dietitian & Founder of Fertility Dietitian UK

I’m one of the UK’s leading Specialist Fertility Dietitians. 

I’ve studied and worked in the field of dietetics and nutrition for over 15 years (to the level of two Master’s Degrees and beyond!)

I’m also a clinical researcher, a published academic writer in the field of fertility nutrition, and author of the brand new book, Deliciously Healthy Fertility.

You’ll often catch me featured in mainstream media, like the BBC, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan and HELLO! Magazine too. 

Fertility Dietitian UK is recognised as one of the Best Fertility Clinics in London by Wanderlust 


Though just as important as my credentials, I care about you. 

I’m passionate about sharing evidence-based information to support both men and women like you, on your journey to a successful pregnancy. 

Why do I care so deeply?

When close friends began asking my advice about nutrition on their own fertility journeys, I was shocked to find there just wasn’t enough trustworthy, science-backed guidance out there. 

So fuelled by my desire for research and my determination to make a difference, I made it my mission to change that.

And wow. I quickly realised the incredible power of nutrition when you’re trying to conceive.  

(Did you know that research shows that not following a fertility optimised diet was a reason for infertility in 46% of cases? The stats on this are incredible.) 

I’m thrilled to share that my close friends all got their successful outcomes. 

And like the many hundreds of couples I’ve since supported, my advice on diet and nutrition helped them to get their positive pregnancy tests (in less time!) – and to finally hold their precious little ones in their arms.

Now I’m here to help empower you too. I believe that everyone deserves the best chance of success on their path to creating a family.

So whatever your situation, you can benefit from my specialist advice and the support of my expert team – to help you on your way to your very own happy ending.  Please explore what we can do for you at Fertility Dietitian UK, and get in touch if there’s anything we can help you with. Love Ro. x


Deliciously Healthy Fertility – Nutrition & Recipes to Help You Conceive!

With over 60 tasty and nutritious recipes (and science-backed advice for couples trying to conceive) you won’t want to miss the brand new book from Ro Huntriss.

Take a Look

Success Stories

Here are some inspiring words about Ro Huntriss and Fertility Dietitian UK… from some of the people we’ve recently helped! We’d love to share them with you.

"I think I got the best possible outcome, I’m pregnant!!"

“I think I got the best possible outcome, I’m pregnant!! Thank you so much for putting this course together. I’m so grateful for what I have learnt.

I didn’t know whether to buy the course at first but I’m so glad I did and would recommend it to anyone else who is trying to conceive”

"I found this service incredible!"

“I found this service incredible! I think of myself as a very healthy person but working with Ro and getting her expert advice I quickly saw where the holes were in my nutrition.

I’m feeling so much more confidence as I start IVF treatment for the second time”

“We have just found out we are pregnant.”

“We have just found out we are pregnant. 

Whatever happens from now on will happen but what I do know is that changing my diet has definitely had a role to play.

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for putting together the course. It has definitely helped us get pregnant”

“The course was great!”

“The course was great! Ro is a very clear speaker and is incredibly easy to listen to! Things are much clearer to me now and I have changed my prenatal supplement based on recommendations. 

 I actually found out last week that I am pregnant!! So, thank you!”

"Keeping you posted…”

“Keeping you posted…I am pregnant. Given our history, we went for an early reassurance scan…and I was thrilled to see a little determined heartbeat – something I haven’t seen before.

I know it’s early days, but this is further than we have ever got. Thank you so much for your help and support”

“I started your PCOS food plan…”

“I started your PCOS food plan a few weeks ago and I’ve just found out that I’m pregnant after almost 3 years of trying”

“Just wanted to tell you the good news…”

“Just wanted to tell you the good news. We got pregnant in August! 12+4 today and everything looks good! So happy!

I felt very safe knowing I have taken the right supplements during the first trimester! Thank you”

"We are now expecting our rainbow baby!"

“I love that all the information is evidence based! It allowed me to make informed choices…and it gave me peace of mind I had done everything I could to ensure a healthy pregnancy. We are now expecting our rainbow baby and the advice/information provided has been invaluable.”

Don’t Miss our Flagship Course – Fertility Food Formula!

If you’re ready to increase your chances of pregnancy, our incredible online course is your place.

We share simple but powerful science-backed advice on fertility diet and lifestyle, to make sure you optimise your chances of a healthy conception.

Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered.

It’s time to take control of your fertility journey and join us.

We can’t wait to welcome you in.

I’m Ready To Learn!

Are You a Healthcare Professional Looking Up-skill in Fertility Nutrition?

If you’re keen to help more people on their fertility journeys (doing rewarding work that you love) our Fertility Nutrition Course for Healthcare Professionals could be just the thing!

We’re keen to provide you with the latest evidence-based information to support your clinical practice and help you grow. 

You can complete the course online, in your own time, and receive our certificate of completion when you successfully finish. Take a look…

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"We had a tough journey to get our baby girl. Ro's support and advice helped us make changes to our eating and supplements. By making these changes we were able to carry a healthy little girl. I fully recommend you reach out…as they may have the answers you are looking for.”

Natalie A

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