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What you do today can positively impact your future fertility

More and more individuals are contemplating the idea of starting a family later in life. This shift is driven by a myriad of factors – such as finding that perfect partner, pursuing ambitious career goals, considering financial stability, or simply responding to the complexities of our social landscape.

In our conversations with women, it’s evident that understanding how to safeguard fertility as the years pass, and discovering strategies to enhance fertility when the time is right, can serve as powerful allies in easing the anxieties that often accompany the journey of conceiving later in life.

The use of fertility testing can also be a powerful tool, giving women insight into their own fertility. This understanding allows women to take control of their onward journey and make informed decisions about their future.

"As of 2021, the average age for women in England and Wales to have children rose to 30.9, a notable jump from 26.4 in 1975. This figure continues to rise."

Why is considering future fertility important?

In a world where reproductive science is constantly advancing, being empowered to make informed choices about fertility isn’t just important – it’s crucial for family planning, reproductive autonomy, health and well-being.

With breakthroughs like IVF and egg freezing becoming increasingly accessible and mainstream, coupled with the trend of women delaying motherhood, it’s absolutely vital that women have the tools and insights to protect their future fertility.

This is where Fuel your Future Fertility is here to help…

How could Fuel your Future Fertility help you?

Diet, supplements and lifestyle can enhance reproductive health. Discover what you can do to increase the quality of your eggs, improve ovarian reserve markers and enhance your chances of a successful conception in the future.

Whether you go on to conceive naturally or through fertility treatments, Fuel your Future Fertility can help you to:

  • Understand the links between age and fertility and, critically, when you may need to start making decisions
  • Find out what tests are available to assess your ovarian reserve and understand which tests you should take. Learn  why they are important and how they can help inform your decision making process.
  • Access ovarian reserve testing at a much lower cost than in fertility clinics
  • Learn how to create a fertility-supporting dietary pattern and how tailored nutritional strategies support ovarian reserve markers and egg quality
  • Determine what supplements can make a big difference, find out who they may benefit and when to start taking them
  • Understand what lifestyle elements can impact ovarian reserve and egg quality. Understand what you can do to support your fertility now and in the future
  • Learn about the egg freezing process, the decisions involved & how to know if it is suitable for you. Find out how to prepare for optimal outcomes. Create an optimal diet for egg freezing and learn how to find a suitable clinic

Who will benefit from Fuel Your Future Fertility?

  • Anyone looking to understand the their ovarian reserve
  • Women who think they may want to have children later in life
  • Anyone actively delaying having children
  • Individuals facing medical treatments that may affect future fertility
  • People who may have a family history of health conditions that may affect fertility
  • Women who may be considering egg freezing
  • Anyone who would like to optimally prepare their diet and lifestyle for an egg freezing cycle

"Healthy nutrition can increase the quality and quantity of eggs"



Fuel your Future Fertility E-Guide & Meal Plan

  • 48 page PDF guide
  • Learn how age can impact the success of conception
  • Discover what tests are available for understanding your ovarian reserve
  • Understand the links between nutrition, lifestyle and supplements for ovarian reserve and egg quality
  • Includes a 2 week meal plan inclusive of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for supporting ovarian reserve and egg quality and an optimal diet for egg freezing
£139 Early Bird

Fuel your Future Fertility Online Course

  • Unlimited access to 6 comprehensive video modules, led by Consultant Dietitian Ro Huntriss
  • Your complete guide to understanding and supporting ovarian reserve, egg quality, and future fertility outcomes
  • Find out what impact age has on fertility and become informed of the options available to you
  • Take a deep dive into fertility testing for ovarian reserve, the tests available what they tell you and how to access them. Insight provided by Andreia Trigo (Fertility Nurse Consultant and founder of Enhanced Fertility)
  • Discover the diet, lifestyle and supplement strategies that can safeguard your fertility for the future
  • Understand the strategies to enhance fertility when the time is right
  • Egg freezing 101 – what it is and how it works, diet for egg freezing+ a preparation checklist and process download
£249 Early Bird

Fuel your Future Fertility Online Course + 1-1 Consultation

  • Access to all content included in the online course
  • PLUS a 60 minute 1-1 consultation with Specialist Fertility Nutritionist Claire Attwood

About the authors

Hi, I’m Ro Huntriss, an award-winning Specialist Fertility Dietitian. I am on a mission to make effective nutrition strategies to influence fertility accessible to all.

I started exploring the field of fertility nutrition 10 years ago. This was when I became aware of the huge lack of information and support on trustworthy, evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle changes for those going through a fertility journey. My two Master’s degrees – one in Advanced Nutrition, and the other in Clinical Research – in addition to my passion for the area of fertility were the perfect combination.

Fertility Dietitian UK was founded in January 2020 and has been delivering this care to our customers ever since. We are incredibly proud of the work we do on this platform and we are excited about how we can continue to positively influence the futures of our valued customers.

Fast forward to 2023 and I found myself in an unexpected situation – the end of a seemingly solid 7 year relationship (and engagement) – leading me to the realisation I was going to need to freeze my eggs at the age of 37.

It was then time for me to follow an evidence-based protocol and see what happened. Following a few months of a targeted fertility-promoting diet and lifestyle and evidence-based supplement regime, I was able to increase my ovarian reserve markers by 40%.

Although it is possible for many things to be able to influence these markers, it is likely that my diet, supplement and lifestyle changes had a positive impact on my results. I have since gone on to have a successful round of egg freezing.

I was lucky to have been able to go through this process being informed about what could positively influence my journey. But I appreciate not everybody has this luxury. I wanted to create Fuel your Future Fertility so that other people can be informed too, whether they simply want to strengthen their future fertility, or whether they may want to consider egg freezing too.

I’ve rallied together some great experts in the field including; Specialist Fertility Nurse Andreia Trigo, Mindset Counsellor Ayesha Bhatti, experts from Aria Fertility Clinic in London and our very own Claire Attwood who is the Lead Nutritionist here at Fertility Dietitian UK.

So you’re in very good hands and I hope you feel inspired to join us on this journey towards fuelling your future fertility.

We look forward to supporting you on this empowering journey.

If you want to reach out or ask us any questions, please don’t hesitate to do so by filling out our Contact Us form.


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