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Making the right diet and supplement choices can increase likelihood of successful implantation and sustained pregnancy

Waiting to see if implantation has occurred successfully can be a nerve-racking time where we feel like there is much that is out of our control.

Proactively taking control can help to promote the chances of an embryo successfully implanting whilst supporting our mental health and giving ourselves a positive focus over what can be a challenging time period. 

This 2 week meal plan and guide is formulated to be consumed in the weeks leading up to and during the two week wait to support implantation. The recipes incorporate foods for implantation and nutrients known to support implantation within a fertility-friendly style of eating.

Making positive dietary changes can support the endometrial lining, create a favourable environment for embryo implantation and support progesterone levels. Why not start today?

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What does this 37 page document give you?


    • An overview of what happens during implantation and the hormones involved.


    • Guides you through the ways nutrition can influence implantation


    • Practical tips on how to successfully navigate the two week wait


    • Guidance on supplements and implantation


  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 2 weeks, to support  successful implantation.
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