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Egg quality is a key determinant of overall fertility.

Unfortunately the number of eggs we have does decline as we age. However, we can positively influence the quality of the eggs we do have. Additionally, we know that nutritional status does influence our ovarian reserve.

This 2 week meal plan and guide is formulated to incorporate all of the fertility-promoting nutrients you require to promote egg quality and ovarian reserve.  It supports a Mediterranean-style, fertility-friendly dietary pattern with is the best dietary pattern to improve egg quality and ovarian reserve.

The guide takes you through everything you need to know about diet, lifestyle and supplements to promote egg quality and quantity.

Making positive dietary changes to promote egg quality, at any point in your fertility journey has the potential to influence outcomes. Why not start today?

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What does this 40 page document give you?


  • An overview of how egg quality impacts fertility
  • What ovarian reserve is and how it is measured
  • Guides you through the links between diet and egg quality
  • Guides you through the links between diet and ovarian reserve
  • Practical tips on how to improve egg quality and ovarian reserve
  • Guidance on supplements and egg quality and ovarian reserve
  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 2 weeks, to create the best diet to improve egg quality and ovarian reserve
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About the Author

Ro Huntriss is a UK leading fertility dietitian. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Food Studies and Nutrition, a Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics and two Master’s degrees in both Advanced Nutrition and Clinical Research. Ro is a researcher, a published academic author in the field of fertility nutrition, and a clinician. Together she has over ten years of experience working as a dietitian. Mainstream media outlets regularly feature Ro. These include the BBC, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan and HELLO! Magazine.

Ro is a founding and existing committee member of the Maternal and Nutrition Specialist Group of the British Dietetic Association. She is passionate about sharing evidence-based information to support women and men on their journey to conception and beyond.

Ro is an award-winning dietitian. Having been titled Social Media Influencer 2022 by the British Dietetic Association for her work around fertility nutrition. She was holds the title of CN Magazine Community Nutrition Professional of the Year 2021.

She is the founder of Fertility Dietitian UK

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